My Hero

There is something truly beautiful about the things a photographer captures. There is something even more beautiful that a camera can never fully capture and this is one of those moments.

At the Wilsall NRA Rodeo last weekend I captured this beautiful moment. I have been a part of these many times on both ends. I have been the admirer and I have been the admired and both I will never forget.

After the rodeo this family was behind the arena enjoying watching the stocky saddle bronc horses feeding in the back pens and waiting patiently to see the cowboys that were in the arena just moments before.

As these two bull fighters rounded the corner, replaying the evenings events that happened, this young boy runs up to them to say hi. Of course I was taking it all in and realizing I had a camera in hand quickly jerked it to my eye to capture this sweet face and the twinkle in his eye.

These bull fighters gave him a big high five and told him they can’t wait to see him out in the arena with them sometime. This only made him light up even brighter. This not only put a smile on the young boys face but it put a smile of these two bull fighters faces.

It is an amazing thing to inspire the younger generation. To see that their dreams are endless. This moment reminded me that I should always enjoy the little things and keep following my dreams no matter how big, crazy or dangerous they just might be,

I am so thrilled with the path I have chosen to take more and more everyday. These moments are one of the many reasons I enjoy it so much. It fills me with joy that I can see a kid grin ear to ear or one hanging on the fence shouting, “I want to be a rodeo queen when I grow up!”

And I get to document these beautiful moments.

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