Can’t Stop the Fun

Now that I have shared a little story about a cool experience I had at one of the many rodeos I have been to, it is now time to catch you up.

Last time I updated you was when I had just got back from Colorado back in May. Since then I have gone to quite a few eventful rodeos. So for the next few days I will be sharing my stories from each of those!

_MG_7203.JPGAfter the rodeo in Darby I basically got to freshen up then was right back on the road. We headed to Drummond, Montana, which thankfully for me is very close to Missoula. This was no ordinary weekend rodeo though. This was two full rodeos a day of two days.

We started up early Friday morning and finished both rodeos around 5 that afternoon. I expected it to go late into the night but was very thankful it didn’t. I was also thankful it didn’t because we were in the center of a massive storm just hours after the rodeo.

While we were enjoying a nice cold beverage in the shade it wasn’t long before we were strapping anything and everything down and lacing up the horses blankets. With our clothes drenched and bodies bruised from the hail we rushed inside.

_MG_7655.JPGOf course this weather didn’t stop the fun. When the storm interrupted us we were just about to make homemade pizzas and we weren’t about to skip out on a good meal. We lugged the pizza oven into the back of our friends horse trailer and began cooking.

The first few were a little rough from sticking to the pan and turning in to some sort of pizza ball but once we figured it out they were so tasty. As the night came to an end and the storm passed on we headed to bed only to imagine how the rodeo was going to go the next day.

For me the second day made for some of the coolest photos I have gotten. From bucking horses splashing through the water to steers dragging the wrestler through the small ocean in the arena.

_MG_8438.JPG_MG_8292.JPGLuckily no one was hurt but everyone seemed to enjoy the day just as much as any other. And I enjoyed it even more because I didn’t have to set foot in it.

Of course I have to reminisce about home. The big hail storms we got in the high country to dealing with the sticky mud soon afterward. I love that I can create new memories and never forget about home.

Another rodeo another memory. And there are so many more to share with you!Reed Reflection.JPG

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