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A story of a young lady who not only is fighting a rare type of cancer but is also pursuing her dream of rodeo. https://cowgirlmagazine.com/unstoppable-team-sage-lindsay/

A story of the life of yours truly. Pursuing a life in the outdoors and a life of competing in shotgun competitions. http://www.theamericanwomanshooter.site/uncategorized/a-never-ending-love-by-lea-leggitt/

A few short write ups about elk ecology and how elk function. These can be found in Bugle Magazine Issues May- June 2019, July- August 2019, September- October 2019 and November- December 2019

The history of Colorado is one of mystery. A story written about the last grizzly in Colorado and the hidden mines around the San Juan Mountains. Find this story in Bugle Magazine Issue July- August 2019

To live a life of providing for a family and learning from your mother and father can sooner or later come back around to when the child becomes the mentor. In this story I share a hunt of a lifetime where I take my mom on a hunt to harvest a dream muley. Find this story in California Deer Summer 2018

School Paper

A new cycling course was put in centerstage Durango to prepare the Fort Lewis College cycling team for the national competition. I learned a lot about interviewing people on topics I didn’t know much about. https://www.theindyonline.com/Detail/cycling-builds-temporary-slalom-course-on-chapman-hill.aspx

An event that draws out the rural community of Durango, the Cowboy Poetry Week is full of laughters and creativity. To start the event of a play to display the work of featured poets. I learned how to analyze a play for more context to share with someone who wasn’t there. https://www.theindyonline.com/Detail/a-cowboy-theatre-review.aspx

Although there are few fatalities to non-hunters during hunting season it is always a good idea to keep the numbers down. This article shares ways to stay safe and still enjoy the outdoors during the fall hunting seasons. I learned about how to share something I know a lot about to someone whho doesn’t know anything about it. Find this story in The Independent Issue 102.

The history of sheepherders parades down the streets of Bayfield. Through the photos you can feel the passion of the rancher and the hard work these folks endure. I learned how to do a proper photo essay and share powerful photos. Find this photo essay in The Independent Issue 102.

Balloons light up the morning sky as the Animas Balloon Rally begins. The weather wasn’t in favor of spectators or flyers but with luck, the balloons were sky high. I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and photograph something new as well as be in a new environment with new people. https://www.theindyonline.com/Detail/animas-balloon-rally-2019.aspx

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