Gettin’ It Done

I think this photo is very fitting to how I have felt today after many busy days. This was taken at the Darby High School rodeo this past weekend. I got to shoot from some awesome spots and I can’t wait to share. It let me get out of my box, which was challenging but so enjoyable.

These last two weeks have left me a busier than a bee. I was lucky enough to have my family come visit me up here in Montana and help me move into my apartment! A big step in my crazy life. I can’t believe I am already living on my own and in a whole different state. I think I grew up too fast! I then took the parents to watch the Deer Lodge High School Rodeo last weekend and they got to see me in action with the camera.

It was a quick stay then we all ventured back down to Colorado for the week and I got another operation done on my back. I got to visit my sweet little terrors, my dog Scrappy and my horse Doc. I also got to see some of my friends that I hadn’t seen since last summer. Sadly this was a quick trip. Friday I was headed right back to Montana and just in time for another rodeo, the one this photo came from.

I picked up a hitchhiker along the way. Don’t worry it was just my boyfriends sister who needed a ride from Salt Lake City. It was nice to have a traveling buddy. I don’t think I could’ve made those long 14 hours by myself. We made it to Darby at 11 p.m. and I fell asleep before my head even hit that pillow. Then up in early a.m. to shoot photos.

It’s such a crazy life I live. The road trips, the long nights, the early mornings, the thundering hooves, the dust flying and all the laughs. It’s one that I wouldn’t ever trade in.

Surprisingly I have a day off today and I will be enjoying it snuggled up on the couch watching tv and going through more photos before I get back on the road in just a couple days for another busy week of rodeos.

Until next time!


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