On the Rodeo Trail

Long time no see! It has been a crazy few weeks for Legit Outdoors. I have been finishing up my first year of college and I can’t believe it went by so fast. I have also been running around chasing rodeos to photograph. I am now finally getting down to business uploading all my photos for purchase and writing a blog or two!

First let’s talk about this photo. This little gal reminds me of well, me. She is my favorite to watch ride, rope and tackle goats. She takes some hard falls and always gets right back up. She is just out there to have a good time and she always puts a smile on my face. She is one that inspires me all the time and she is only 12 years old. I am writing a fantastic story about her for another publication, which I’ll share the details in the future.

Now, since we last talked I have gone to four other rodeos. Each has had its unique learning experience for me. I have met so many amazing people at these rodeos. Everyone is so welcoming to this crazy Colorado girl with a giant camera. I am very fortunate for that.

I have traveled to Butte, Three Forks, Ennis and Deer Lodge since I was last on. Each town is so beautiful. It has been a fun adventure seeing all these new towns and learning about what each is known for or how life is lived there. I really have enjoyed each town as they are all pretty small compared to the hub of Missoula. I have been scouting out a future home town after college through these rodeos.

Now that college is over I will almost be a full time rodeo chaser. I am so excited about that. I have some awesome projects in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you!

With all the this running around I do I can’t help but always miss home and the good ole days when I used to be the one out there in the arena. I think about all the hometown cowboys and cowgirls I left behind in Colorado and how inspiring each one was to me and I didn’t even know it until now. I miss home every where I go but I know I am making everyone back home proud with everything I am accomplishing. I can’t wait for the day that I can come down and be the Red Ryder Rodeo photographer and see all the familiar faces that I miss so dearly.

Well this was just a pit stop on my busy agenda! Now I am back to driving, capturing, learning and editing.

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