Comin’ For Ya

Another one of my favorites from last weekend!

There we so many barrel racers this weekend. And since there were so many I got a lot of practice shooting pictures seeing what I liked and disliked in them. It was really difficult to keep up with every rider. I decided to narrow it down and only photograph the contestants who had bright shirts, that was a little easier to manage as it was my first big rodeo.

I loved this one even though the rider wasn’t in focus. It shows the perspective of the barrel. Yes, it may be far from making any sense but I am feeling a little poetic today so it doesn’t really need to make sense. There is just something truly beautiful about a horse and rider working as a team to round a small little obstacle like this barrel.

This weekend we will be headed to Butte, Montana for another high school rodeo. Maybe this time I’ll be a little more ambitious and take pictures of every single rider for every event. We will see.

More to come!

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