TWR Women’s Rodeo

I have been struggling to remember all of the rodeos I have to catch you all up on but I think since it’s October we can highlight one of my favorite rodeos, the True Western Roundup all Ladies Rodeo.

Each year TWR hosts an all ladies rodeo that features all events including rough stock. There is also recognition of tough enough to wear pink, where TWR donates to the local breast cancer center in Durango, Co. Signs scattered across the crowd stated, “I stand for…” and names were written across them. I didn’t get to fill out my own, but I stand for the many amazing people in my family that were taken too soon by cancer of all types. I also stand for my best friend, Sage, taken by cancer much too young. This rodeo has been one of the hardest but also one of my favorites for this reason. I get to reminise about those amazing people I have lost in my life and I know like so many others have as well. It is important to recognise that and not let fear hold us back but like any good rodeo family, hold each other up and keep moving forward.

This year, like the past two years, we had ladies that competed in the ladies ranch bronc at Cheyanne Frontier Days. They are always one of the funnest bunch of people who come through here. It was a blast to watch all of these talented rodeo athletes battle in out. Another notable group out there was the all women’s color guard. They all had served in a branch of the military and all local to our community. It was a beautiful sight. Lastly the Durango High School cheerleaders came out and did a small performance for the crowd to practice up before a busy fall season.

You may notice a young lady on a bull with her free hand in a cast. She had broken her arm a few weeks before and was still here to get on a bull to get some points on the board. What an inspiration.

Here are the highlights of the TWR Women’s Rodeo.

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