The Big News

I know I have a lot to share to get caught up on all of the fun events I have traveled to but, I wanted to share some super big news. During one of the True Western Roundup events I was able to capture some beautiful trick roping, liberty or and trick riding along with the San Juan Symphony. What I thought was just another event became one I won’t forget. One of my trick roping images became the cover of Rodeo News magazine for the September 2023 issue.

If you are in the rodeo world you have probably come across this magazine. This is one of the biggest rodeo magazines in the industry and to have your photo grace the cover is a huge success. This is also so special to me because since the day I started college back in 2017, I had dreamed of having my images and a story in Rodeo News. My dream finally came true when I wasn’t even expecting it. I am so honored to have my photo on the cover, I am honored my photo was selected out of the thousands of images taken of this unbelievable cowgirl and I am even more honored that it became a black and white cover. Those are very rare but it is absolutely stunning.

I not only have the cover to check off of my list, I also wrote an article that is in the magazine. I got to interview an awesome cowgirl from Texas competing in high school rodeo making a name for herself in the breakaway roping world. I will have more stories coming the next few months issues. You can read September’s issue here.

Here are some added highlight images from the event where dreams came true.

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