The Mancos Ranch Rodeo

If you’ve been keeping up you know I had an interruption during Fiesta Days this year to shoot something a little out of the usual summer schedule. I was invited to shoot the Mancos Cattlemen’s Ranch Rodeo at the end of July. Talk about a way to spend a Sunday.

There were 11 teams entered. Each team typically has 4 or 5 guys or gals on the team. They will test their ranching skills with roping, branding, sorting, tie down and even milking a cow. It sure is a fun day watching with laughs and maybe closing an eye or two at times.

As the photographer ranch rodeos can be difficult for the simple fact of finding the best angle. They use the entire arena but you never know where the action may end up. I am thankful for good equipment to be able to catch all the happenings in the arena. I am also thankful for a supportive family that came to watch our friends and even held an umbrella over me and my equipment while it drizzled an afternoon rain on us.

It is great to see all the laughs shared between teams and team members and even the crowd. I am so thankful for these opportunities in our ranching community and I hope they continue on for many years. The champions of this event qualified for the Colorado Ranch Rodeo Finals. This is such a cool opportunity for our local cowboys.

Here are some highlight photos!

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