About Wednesday Night

Let’s talk about those Wednesday Nights. The crowds are wild, the rides rank and the times are quick. It’s one of my absolute favorite nights in the summer.

This week the True Western Roundup was not a CPRA sanctioned event meaning it was open to anyone and everyone. This draws a lot of the locals out to compete, train and better themselves and their horses for future rodeos.

Don’t fret, I still have results of this weeks rodeo. You’ll see many familiar names that we saw the past two weeks make it on the board and some new faces bringing the heat locally.

Ranch Bronc:

  1. Kevin Faulk 64 points
  2. No Qualified Rides

At these rodeos we trade out bareback riding for ranch bronc or as some know it, stock saddle. This event draws a lot of ranch hands in to test their skill and maybe earn some extra cash. Kevin Faulk is a local celebrity winning rodeos all around the four corners area in the ranch bronc event.

Chute Doggin’:


Although there were no qualified times Cade Reddin of Lipan, TX made a good effort but just slipped from getting his steer on the ground.

Mutton Bustin’:

  1. Terrell Begaye 90 points
  2. Diesel Thompson 85 points

The event we all have been waiting for, Begaye has won the mutton busting the last three weeks and is holding steady with an incredible 90 point ride to make the crowd go wild. Thompson also had a great ride with a sheep who took a hard right out of the chute through the life savers he managed to make it happen with an 85 point ride.

Calf Riding:

  1. Porter Carr 80 points
  2. Benny Gordanier 79 points

Calf riding is back in the open rodeo this year and the boys started it out right. Carr and Gordanier shared a vest and helmet and made two great rides this week.

Tie-down Roping:

  1. Rance Rathjen 11.5 sec
  2. Hardy Tozer 11.8 sec

Rathjen worked his way into the top spot this week while Tozer held the number two spot for a second week behind by only three tenths of a second. The times were over three second faster than the previous week.

Saddle Bronc:

  1. Mitchell Story 79 points
  2. David Rouse 72 points

Story has staked his claim at the top of the score board for the third time, winning all three rodeos thus far. Rouse also held the number two spot for a second time this week sticking a good ride. Story was also recognized as the cover of the TWR for its 10th season. He received a framed poster with his picture featured front and center.

Open Team Roping:

  1. Clay Rathjen, Wade Masters 6.1 sec
  2. Michael Snooks, Wade Masters 6.4 sec

Masters took home a check in first and second this week with two fast times. The dad’s beat out the kids with only six qualified times in the open team roping this week. You will often see this top crew at the World Series Team Ropings in Wickenburg, Az.

Open Bull Riding:


With only three entires no one was able to hang on for the eight seconds this week. The reining champ from the past two weeks, Mackey, was not entered this week.

Novice Bull Riding:

  1. Noah Higgins 69 points

While there were no qualified rides in the open, the novice side had one hang on until the end. Higgins of Bloomfield, NM claimed the win this week.

Steer Wrestling:

  1. Reece Polk 8.2 sec
  2. Cody Reddin 17.4 sec

Polk took the win this week after sitting second last week. The entries were light with only three entered a time paid off this week. Reddin managed to get a steer down to take second this week.


  1. Kim Jim 2.2 sec
  2. McKenzie Watkins 2.4 sec

The scoreboard in the breakaway roping this week had a bunch of changes with quick times this week. Jim of Shiprock, NM came in with high speed taking home the win with a whopping 2.2 second run. Watkins was not far behind with a 2.4. Second and third were split by a tenth of a second.

Junior Breakaway(13 under):

  1. Paislee Foster 2.7 sec
  2. Riggin Foster 3.7 sec

It was battle of the siblings this week in the junior breakaway. Paislee topped her brother by a second this week both throwing great loops taking home checks in the juniors. The great part of the juniors this week was all four entered caught.

Businessman’s Team Roping:

  1. McKenzie Watkins, Wade Masters 7.1 sec
  2. Shannon Matheson, Ken Matheson 8.5 sec

Masters is back pulling a third check in the team roping. Watkins and Masters took second last week in the mixed team roping and managed to pull off first this week. The Matheson’s had a beautiful run taking home second.


  1. Kate Brofft 18.13 sec
  2. Kourtney Schurmann 18.72 sec

This weeks barrel racing numbers might look a little different, they are on a different sized pattern this week. Brofft made an outstanding run blowing out the competition by six tenths of a second. Schurmann battled to claim the second spot by only two one hundredths of a second.

Jr Barrels:

  1. Lexi Tayler 19.54
  2. Jayleigh Gordanier 19.55

It was a tight race in the juniors this week. Tayler comes out on top by one one hundredth of a second. There were great runs all coming in with a time and no broken patterns.

There are only two open rodeos left. This is a three rodeo series, we may see some athletes hold the top spot while others will be gunning for that Tres Rios buckle that will be presented July 5.

Here is June 21 Highlight gallery, see you next week!

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