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As you are reading this I have already flown away from this event and am busy working another one in Arizona. I know, crazy. But, I had to share the adventure I had in Guthrie, Oklahoma with Andersen C Bar C Photography at the Bob Fiest Invitational (BFI).

This is one of the largest and most prestigious events in roping. There are talented ropers from all across the country that come to this roping and had the potential to win thousands. I love traveling to these events because I get to see some of my good friends that I met along the way in past years. One being someone who helped me on my rodeo photography journey back in 2017 in Montana.

The BFI was a long seven days. We started early in the morning and sometimes went well into the next morning. We put in hard hours behind the camera and at the booth pulling purchased photos, sponsor photos and so much more. At this event I was behind the camera and at the booth. I learn a lot in both positions about photos and business. I always walk into these events wanting to absorb and learn as much as I can.

The best part of my time behind the camera was getting to be up in the rafters on the catwalk! I was the only photographer who was comfortable enough to be up high with a camera. This really made me think outside the usual team roping photo box. It was hard. I had to try many different spots, angles and settings before I got the perfect image.

I got to meet some awesome folks like Reed Flake and his wife who have a Youtube channel about their ranching and traveling life. I also got to meet Cody Johnson. A famous country singer who is also quite the team roper. I also made some great connections with Cowboy Channel and am excited to set new goals for the year to move up in the world professionally.

While we were there a fire broke out causing evacuation of the area where we were. Before we could leave all of the roads were closed and we had to find a back way to our Air bnb. The smoke was terrible, many families lost their homes and over 5,000 acres were burned. Fortunately they got it out and we were able to finish the week.

I was asked recently why do I do it. The weeks gone from home, the long hours and the stress and pressure of the events. As I thought more about those questions I thought more about what I would be doing instead. Yes, I’d be home with my family but I may have looked back and said, “man, I wish I could get to go do that.” I love the experiences of each event. I always learn something new. I always meet new people who become lifelong friends. I continue to grow as a businesswoman, as a photographer and as a person. I know some days are harder than others but at the end of it all I am so thankful I got the opportunity to see what I did and capture action that we may never see again.

Check out some of the fun I had through the lens.

I will share more of my adventures in Arizona next week!

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