Four Corners SCI Banquet & Fundraiser

You may have seen last month I was in Nashville at the SCI National Convention enjoying live music, seminars and so much more. Well, I am the secretary for our local chapter, Four Corners SCI and I really have enjoyed being involved in this organization over the years. In case you were wondering what I do when I am not traveling with my camera I am most likely at a meeting or planning an event for our chapter.

On March 11 we hosted our 23rd Annual Four Corners SCI Banquet & Fundraiser. It was a packed house. We sold out almost a month in advance. It is always great to see all of your hard work pay off. I do all of our communications meaning newsletters, website and thankfully I have help with the social media. We make fun videos, share stories and really enjoy what we do within our chapter. We also have an incredible team that helps prep the big event, a committee that selects firearms, hunts and so much more to make our events one of a kind.

At the banquet, I was the photographer and I had to present two awesome awards. There was a lot of running around. This year for SCI was year of the woman. I helped the chapter create a new award for young adults in our community called the Collegiate Mentor Program. I was so excited to present our first award to a young lady in our community where she would get to go on a hunt with other amazing ladies and learn how to hunt.

I also presented the Legacy Project Award presented to a youngster from Cortez who will learn how to hunt, go through a whole range day and how to process their own game. I also film the entire hunt and capture that memory for them and the family.

Here is a little highlight gallery from the big day. I am so thankful to be apart of a group that continues to carry on a tradition.

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