High School Rodeo – Indoor Arena

I chose a perfect day to be inside as the summer weather became windy and chilly. At high school rodeos the indoor arena is typically your timed events; barrels, poles and goat tying. It was a nice relaxing day chilling in my crazy creek catching the dirt flinging action.

I staked my claim at third barrel at the far end of the arena. I was out of the way, away from the rest of the crowd but still have a perfect vantage point. The morning started with the barrels with a lot of smooth fast runs. The arena quickly transitioned into the pole bending with many knocked poles and many surprisingly fast clean runs. I didn’t move my spot the whole day. It was a lazy Monday but the photos still came out as nice as I expected. The day finished out with the goat tying. Thankfully for the contestants there weren’t any bad wrecks.

I quickly gathered my stuff expecting to make it for the bull riding in the outdoor arena. As I pulled up and ran to the fence, they were bucking the last bull. I am so bummed I miss events at these rodeos but I like to be able to get photos for all contestants at least one of the days.

Some of these photos you may also see in Rodeo News in the October issue!

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