Red Ryder Roundup 2023

I survived Cowboy Christmas! After a long week shooting seven rodeos in nine days with late nights, early mornings, close calls, rank rides and endless laughs I wouldn’t have traded it for the world.

Let’s get into it. Today I am going to share all of the action, highs, lows and champions from the 73rd Annual Red Ryder Roundup Rodeo in Pagosa Springs, Colo. This is a three day event that starts on July 2nd and runs three performances and a slack, with the finale being July 4. This is the largest rodeo that comes to the small town and draws contestants from all across Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and even a few from Texas and Wyoming.

The Red Ryder Roundup is a sanctioned rodeo with Colorado Pro Rodeo Association, New Mexico Rodeo Association and the Grand Canyon Circuit of Arizona. The cowboys and cowgirls that come compete in this event are working to gather points that they accumulate over the summer months with rodeos all across the four corners region to qualify for the finals in the fall. They get points from where they place in their perspective events and how much money they earn at these rodeos.

Red Ryder is very special to the community of Pagosa Springs, there are many locals who also enter the performances to leave the crowds cheering just a little bit louder. Some hometown athletes are participating in the pro am circuits while others stick to the open rodeos around the area. It is always a great time to watch friends from all skill levels and disciplines in one place enjoying the holiday together.

Now, lets get into the results. There was over $8,000 in added money at this event. There were Tres Rios Buckles to the champions of each event and reserve champions went home with a back cinch buckle. This rodeo also has a special award for the all around cowboy and cowgirl who went home with Henry .22 lever action rifle.

Ranch Bronc:

  1. Kevin Faulk 74.5 points $725
  2. Kevin Faulk 73.5 points $544
  3. Chad Shaw 73 points $378

This top name may look familiar if you’ve been keeping up with the TWR results I’ve been sharing. Local ranch bronc legend, Kevin Faulk, came to claim his prize on July 3 and 4 having two great rides. He let loose waving his hat for an extra few points leading him to be the champion for the second year in a row and the reserve champion. Chad Shaw was only a half point away from that reserve spot with his ride and ended up bucked off on his second to leave sitting third.

Tie-down Roping:

  1. Cory Rowland. 9.5 sec $738
  2. Hardy Tozer 9.9 sec $553
  3. Ryan Canty 10.2 sec $385

Rowland topped the tie down board with a 9.5 second run on some quick dodgy calves. Tozer we have seen on the leader boards before at TWR places second only four tenths of a second behind the leader securing the reserve champion spot. Canty made his way into third with a 10.2.

Saddle Bronc:

  1. Tyler Beebe 83 points $870
  2. David Rouse 75 points $580

Tyler Beebe of Bayfield, Co, a local cowboy, won it all in the saddle bronc riding sticking a solid 83 point ride. With some rank stock and not a lot of entires the door stayed wide open with only one other qualified ride by New Mexico cowboy David Rouse with a 75 point ride.


  1. Matthew Tuni 73.5 points $870

Tuni had a great ride the opening performance of Red Ryder. Entries were light for the bareback riding but with other entires there were no other qualified times leaving it all to Matthew Tuni.

Open Team Roping:

  1. Clay Rathjen, Kyon Sayer 6.1 sec $827 per roper
  2. Kayson Shahan, Maverick Franks 6.9 sec $685
  3. Trey Buffalo, Bubba Reynolds 7.0 sec $470.50
  4. Fernando Gonzales, Chase Fransis 7.0 sec $470.50
  5. Dwight Sells, Corey Whinnery 7.2 sec $257
  6. Justin Franks, Ben South 7.5 sec $143

There were some fast times in the open team roping with only 1.4 seconds splitting first and sixth.

Open Bull Riding:


There is not much to report on the end of bulls for this rodeo. The entries were light and the bulls came to buck.

Novice Bull Riding:


There were no qualified rides in the novice.

Steer Wrestling:

  1. Andrew Galloway 5.2 sec $769
  2. Chase Andrade 6.5 sec $577
  3. Matt Jodie 7.6 sec $385
  4. Zane Cline 7.7 sec $192

Steer wrestling got pretty competitive at the Red Ryder Roundup. Galloway blew away the competition with a smoking 5.2 second run. All of the stars aligned leading to a great run and taking home the buckle. The others managed to battle it out into the top four spots to win a little cash.


  1. Stormi Cruzan 2.47 sec $1138
  2. Stormi Cruzan 2.51 sec $942
  3. Evann Segura 2.55 sec $746
  4. Brianna Sharp 2.56 sec $549
  5. Evann Segura 2.64 sec $353
  6. Shaylene Drumm 2.67 sec $196

What an absolutely exciting event to watch the numbers roll in these three days. All six times split by two tenths of a second. Cruzan had two killer runs where everything aligned just right. She drew two perfect calves and she stuck it claiming the champion and reserve champion spot. Close behind was Segura only off by four one hundredths of a second taking third and fifth. Sharp and Drumm snuck in the top six as well with smoking times making the breakaway the event to watch.

Scrambled Egg Team Roping:

  1. Teresa Brevik, Cody Harrison 8.21 sec $688 per roper
  2. Lonnie Wright, Chase Andrade 9.36 sec $412
  3. Eric Billingsley, Kaylee Billingsley 10.98 sec $275

The scrambled egg team roping is for a mixed, boy girl team, a roper under a number 9 or a member under the age of 12 and the other over the age of 50. This event was light on catches at this rodeo. This meant it was up to anyone if they caught they were claiming a spot.


  1. Evann Segura 17.941 sec $840
  2. Nancy Montoya 18.017 sec $630
  3. Teagan McInnis 18.093 sec $420
  4. Shae Rios 18.095 sec $210

Segura tops another leaderboard taking the champion spot in the open barrel racing. The last three spots squeezed in all under eight one hundredths of a second. It was a quick and heated race in the Red Ryder arena. Notable local high school cowgirl McInnis claimed third place.

Jr Barrels:

  1. Taycee Deherrera 18.584 sec $389
  2. Zoey Cline 18.863 sec $322
  3. Kylee Cheese 18.990 sec $255
  4. Laney Decker 19.564 sec $187
  5. Bella Atkinson 19.712 sec $120
  6. Maddie DeClark 19.995 sec $67

These girls were competing with the top dogs in the open barrel racing. Deherrara claimed her top spot leading by three tenths of a second to Cline. Local cowgirls Atkinson and DeClark snuck in and claimed the last two in the top six.

All Around:

  1. COWBOY: Tyler Beebe
  2. COWGIRL: Evann Segura

Tyler Beebe of Bayfield, Co, rode a saddle bronc horse as well as entered the scrambled egg team roping claiming enough points to win the all around. Evann Segura as you saw won the barrel racing as well as placed in the top in the breakaway. These two talents won a Henry lever action .22 rifle with an engraved plate attached to the stock.

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