CPRA Rodeo Numb. Two with TWR

I am a little late on my usual posting day but since results were delayed to me I had to bring you the update and photos a day late, but its worth the wait. Week number two of the CPRA with True Western Roundup was another great success. Even with the PRCA come and gone from last week contestants still showed up.

Here are the results from Performance 2 of the TWR:


  1. Hunter Gross 69 points
  2. Kory Hart 66 points

Hunter Gross was in second last week but was able to come out on top. Last week Kory Hart was offered a re-ride but still couldn’t make up the score. Hart was able to secure second place this week.

Tie-down Roping:

  1. Cody Redden 14.8 sec
  2. Hardy Tozer 20.0 sec

Tie down times were a lot slower this week than the previous week, this is when getting a time matters more than speed.

Saddle Bronc:

  1. Mitchell Story 76 points
  2. David Rouse 69 points

For the second week in a row Mitchell Story has come out on top with a smooth ride. He scored .5 more points this week than last. David Rouse bucked off last week but stuck to a good horse coming in second place.

Open Team Roping:

  1. Payton Norell, Jace Norell 5.4 sec
  2. Dwight Sells, Cody Lansing 6.1 sec

What a week in the open team roping. Last week the Norell’s came in second by a tenth of a second. This week they secured first with time to spare. Sells and Lansing came in second with five tenths of a second splitting them and third place.

Bull Riding:

  1. Luke Mackey 81 points
  2. Jacob Deacon 66 points

Luke Mackey stakes his claim at the top for a second week in a row. Last week was an impressive ride but at week two Luke rode his first bull to a complete stop after a nasty turn back to the right. He was offered a re-ride with a 66 point ride still looming. Mackey took the re-ride and came out with a whopping 81 point ride to win the rodeo. Jacob Deacon stuck it out and came out with a score securing second with no other qualified rides.

Steer Wrestling:

  1. Cayden Schulz 8.7 sec
  2. Reese Polk 11.0 sec

Once again another two week in a row winner, Cayden Schulz stuck out a hardy steer and let the flag drop at 8.7 seconds. Reese Polk also stuck it out and managed to get a time on the board placing second. The steers this week took a hard left down the arena and slow down causing many wrestlers to veer off their path and pass by before they were in position.


  1. Teryn McWhirter 2.7 sec
  2. Codi Reed 3.1 sec

Home town cowgirl Teryn McWhirter scooped up first this week with a smooth 2.7 second run. Second place was claimed by recent high school graduate of Farmington, New Mexico, Codi Reed. There were two other qualified times in the 3 second range.

Mixed Team Roping:

  1. Kylie McLean, Kyon Sayer 6.8 sec
  2. McKenzie Watkins, Wade Masters 7.4 sec

The mixed team roping had new names grace the list this week with McLean & Sayer with a 6.8 and locals Watkins & Masters with a 7.4 second run.


  1. Sara Redden 15.40 sec
  2. Bergan Yazzie 15.50 sec

Barrel racing was on fire this week. Redden secured first by a tenth of a second from Yazzie. Locals Chevelle Reed and Jaida Woody also placed in the top 5 with 15-16 second runs.

Check out this highlight gallery of some of the action from the second performance of the True Western Roundup Rodeo.

Full Gallery: https://legitoutdoors.zenfolio.com/June14TWR

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