The TWR Opener

The True Western Roundup is back in action for the 10th summer here in Durango, Co. I am so excited to be the official photographer for my fourth season. It has been such a fun experience working with this great crew, amazing contestants and this year has been no different.

This Wednesday night was a little extra special as it was a CPRA sanctioned event! We had contestants from all over Colorado, Arizona & Wyoming show up to compete. The stock was provided by W/A Rodeo from Bloomfield, New Mexico and as always they preformed great.

There were 164 entires and a $15,463 payout.

Here are the results from Performance 1 of the TWR:


  1. Tucker Jacobson 71.5 points
  2. Hunter Gross 67 points

Tie-down Roping:

  1. Seth Hall 8.5 sec
  2. Chance Wall 8.6 sec

Saddle Bronc:

  1. Mitchell Story 75.5 points
  2. Jay Joaquin 75 points

Open Team Roping:

  1. Corey Whinnery, Robert Murphy 5.4 sec
  2. Payton Norell, Jace Norell 5.5 sec

Bull Riding:

  1. Luke Mackey 80 points
  2. Dalton Sanchez 77 points

Steer Wrestling:

  1. Cayden Schulz 3.9 sec
  2. Trace Hreuger 24.7 sec


  1. Cheyanne Blackmore 2.5 sec
  2. Leann Scribner 2.8 sec

Mixed Team Roping:

  1. Kylee Masters, Trey Yates 5.7 sec
  2. Jaden Usher, Seth Hall 6.0 sec


  1. Mackenzie Scott 15.16 sec
  2. Rachel Huerkamp 15.36 sec

As always we can’t forget the gallery of highlight images! Check out some of my favorites from night one of the 2023 TWR rodeo season.

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