First Wedding of 2023

Not only do I take action photos but did you know I dabble in wedding photography. I have started to grow a passion for capturing western weddings. I know, I must be crazy to be able to work with the chaos of a wedding day but I will admit I am a little picky when it comes to who I will work with.

I have booked the most weddings I have ever had this year. It is a little nerve-racking. I know that this is a day you can’t recreate and you get one shot to capture that special moment. I don’t book just any weddings, I book western weddings. With the rural area we live in its not hard to find these types of weddings.

Recently I got to work with some great rodeo friends to capture their special day. These aren’t just any rodeo friends though, they are the ones we travel most with over the summer and the other team member to the bull fighter.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. The cool air had started to finally warm up, it was sunny and just a little breezy taking the edge of the heat off. It was cool in the evening packed with laughter and tons of fun.

Check out this little gallery highlighting the full day from getting ready to dancing the night away. I am so happy for these two amazing people and I can’t wait to capture more special moments throughout the rest of the year!

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