Cutting Horse Fun: Bridleless Competition

If you have been keeping up with my blogs you know I went from Oklahoma to Arizona from one job to the next. I couldn’t wait to tell you about my fun vacation but now I want to share what fun we had in Arizona at the bridleless cutting event.

Bridleless is when the rider doesn’t use any sort of bit for the horse. The only way they can control the horse is with there feet and there is a rope loop loose around the neck that the rider holds on to. You will see these in the photos.

This event is so extra special because not only are they competing to raise money for charities they are also competing in a costume contest. These riders are alway so creative. My favorite this year was the piñata.

There are three photographers who work this event. One was stationed at the front of the pen, one on the side and one on the cat walk. I always take the high ground and caught all of the action from the sky. This is one of the more difficult spots to shoot from as you have to know your timing is a little different than other spots.

The crowd went wild as each person showed. They had 1:30 to cut and show their stuff. The turn back help also dressed up, acted and shared laughs with the crowd. Each competitor got to choose their song to cut to as well leaving an element of surprise each time.

Check out some of these photos from the crew and I caught. My next adventure will be from Fort Worth, Tx at the US Team Roping National Finals.

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