Let’s Go To Texas

Well here we are again, on the road to another event! I got home from Nashville with a day to recover, unpack and repack then I was headed south to the Outback Cutting at WES Arena in Blue Ridge, Texas with Lamell Photo.

The event started out a little interesting with a crazy rain storm and many tornado warnings. The winds were breaking tree limbs and creating a sand haze in the arena. Yet, we still kept showing. Thankfully everyone came out unscathed.

Cutting in Texas is much different than Arizona. There are all new people, the horses and even the vibes are like a whole new world. The horses seem to get a lot lower and deep in the dirt. The people aren’t as chatty and friendly and the vibes, its like walking into a small town bar where everyone turns and looks at you because you’re new. This was my first time down here so I don’t blame them.

I also need to mention I was battling a cold that I picked up on my previous trip to Nashville. I wasn’t feeling my usual self so it took me until the last day to start getting creative again. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the week.

I am now headed home and am excited to finally get some much needed time off. I will get to shoot my rough stock event of the season down in Farmington, New Mexico! My next big trip will be to Guthrie, Oklahoma for a team roping. Stay tuned!

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