Let’s Get Cutting

You’ve seen how winter looks in Colorado. Although it is nice to look at it’s not as much fun to live in day to day, so I tend to fly with the other snow birds every chance I get, down to Arizona. I got to spend the beginning of winter down in Wickenburg, Az at the team ropings, but I tend to spend most of my time in Queen Creek, Az with a whole different crowd.

I started attending cutting events back in 2021 working the computer and making sales. Soon after I got the opportunity to be behind the camera and I have been enjoying that position ever since. This is my second year working with Lamell Photography, who is also from my neck of the woods. We enjoy working together and capturing great photos for the clients.

Cutting is a little different than rodeo but I do find some similarities. They both work on timing. For cutting I snap the photo at the time they are at their lowest point, when the horse is in a crouched position getting ready to turn. In rodeo I work with timing the same way, I snap the photo of a bucking horse at its peak kick and can follow that jump after jump.

At the cuttings I really enjoy telling the story behind the event. It is something I have gotten to learn about little by little at each event I attend. The people, the equipment and how it all works is so unique. I am happy to share this gallery from the first Arizona Cutting Horse Association (AZCHA) of 2023, all behind the scenes.

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