Kewl Kidd Bull Riding Event

This weekend I was fortunate enough to attend and shoot some photos at a new event in Farmington, New Mexico. The Kewl Kidd Bull Riding Series welcomed us with open arms and invited us to come back for future rodeos.

There were over 120 entries from mutton busting to the open bull riding. It was great seeing so many people participating in this event and seeing an awesome community coming together.

We watched eight different events, one for all ages. The night started off with having to sign a liability waiver, at the last event a bull jumped the panel directly into the crowd. So I didn’t know what to expect for the night.

Luckily nothing fell over the fence but there was still plenty of action. We watched some tough little cowboys and cowgirls ride some of the biggest sheep I have ever seen along with some of wildest calves. I couldn’t believe these kids were holding their own against the stock that I am not even sure I would dare get on.

One of the highlights for me was watching a badass little girl kick butt riding a steer. She not only covered this steer but she also won the event. I loved her cute blonde hair in a braid sticking out of her helmet and to top it off with some super cute purple pants. She wasn’t the only girl out there though, there were four other girls who rode steers and even bulls.

The bulls were as expected, crazy and rank. There were a few good wrecks with the bull fighters leading to wrapped heads and taped fingers and some other minor injuries. Although those weren’t fun for them I enjoyed the photos that came from it.

Overall this event was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to go back and shoot the finals. It is a great start to the 2020 year. I will start shooting my regular rodeos in March with a kids rodeo in Ignacio, Co. It’s about to get busy!


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