Brotherly Love

I have been taking a fiction writing work shop at college this semester since I love the western stories I figured I’d give it a shot. For one of our assignments we had to share a conflict between two characters. I wrote this fun little story in the middle of the airport in my recent travels. It really makes me giggle every time I read it so I figured I’d share it with all of you. I have even been considering creating a full story around these words. We will see! Enjoy!

*Cowboy language- never know what to expect, most of the time not appropriate language. Prepare yourself…

A storm began to rage with fury off to the east, as Riley watched he knew it was headed straight for them. “We need to finish this damn fence soon or those horses are goin’ to be wild again.” He said.

“We ain’t got time to be messin’ with this fence,” Doc said to him, “We just better git on out of this storm and save our own hide.”

Riley, not wanting to lose his hard earned money from capturing these wild horses went back to stretching wire. Doc on the other hand was loading his pack mule, Pard, up with heavy panniers and tightening his roan horse Lilly’s cinch to head back to the homestead.

“I rode too far and too long to be lettin’ these damn horses git loose,” Riley said, “You don’t put one more damn tool in them things until we finish this!”

Doc swung around ready to let Riley have an ear full when all of the sudden a loud crack rang through the air followed by a rumble that shook from the sky all the way to the ground. “I ain’t gettin’ my ass fried for you to make a few extra coin on these worthless horses.” Doc yelled out.

By this time Riley was already working on another section with about 200 yards left to go. It was beginning to sprinkle tiny droplets of rain, leaving little spots on the felt hats and light western shirts the boys were wearing.

“Damn you Riley,” Doc said as he walked his way, “Why the hell you got to be so damn hard headed that you got to put all us at risk.”

“We ain’t gonna be able to save the ranch if we don’t get the money from trainin’ these wild ‘stangs.” Riley said with a few grunts as he was working.

“The ranch ain’t even worth my, Pard and Lilly’s life. I ain’t sittin’ out here no longer with you.” Doc stated. He began walking back to Pard and Lilly. All of the sudden all three horses ears perked and looked to the west. There began to be a loud thundering sound but not coming from the sky. Bodies began to crest the hill. Manes were flowing in the wind and dirt was flinging in every direction. The mustangs were coming, looking for an exit to find shelter from the storm that was about to hit.

“Oh shit.” Riley and Doc said all at once.

The tame horses on the other side began to dance, ready to run out of the way of the wild beasts. “Keep them horses calm,” Riley told Doc, “We got to be ready to keep these ones on that side.

“We ain’t goin’ to be able to stop them,” Doc said, “Let em go, we can come back after the storm and round em up again.”

“God damnit Doc!” Riley shouted as the horses began to come closer, “We ain’t got no time to be bickering like women over this.”

“Give me my damn horse.” Riley stomped over to Doc. “At least he ain’t scared of work.”

Riley gave his ole sorrel horse a good kick and off they ran to the opening in the unfinished fence. The rain began to pound hard as the eye of the storm was near. He shouted and waved his hands as the horses ran in. He hoped to scare them all back the other direction but no such luck.

“Doc!” Riley shouted, “Come on! You gotta help me keep these in!”

“I ain’t killin’ ole Lilly for your damn hide.” Doc snapped in return.

Riley stopped as he couldn’t stop the crazed horses, he watched his pockets full of money dwindle down to nothing. The horses ran on off to the thick forest to take cover from one of the most hellacious storms west Colorado had ever seen. The rain was coming down harder and harder every minute they stayed out there. It soaked them all the way to the bone.

“We can come back right after this storm passes and get ‘em back in when we got this fence finished.” Doc said as he rode up to Riley.

“I oughta shoot you right here.” Riley said with steam coming out of his ears, “How could you not stop all that money from runnin’.”

“Damn Riley you ain’t even worth the work.” Doc said, “I’m headed to dry off since you let me get drown by this damn storm.”

“Don’t bother comin’ back out to help me you worthless son of a bitch.” Riley shouted as Doc road off with a finger high in the air. 

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