Another Buck

Some rides are just more memorable than others. Every rodeo I go to is another learning experience for me. I always find a new way to use my camera and how to take better pictures of the event. This was one of those moments.

I went through tough training each day before the rodeos memorizing each bulls name with the stock contractors so I could “pretend” to be the hired rodeo photographer. By this I mean I’d note the bull and rider for each picture so I would be able to caption it and that the photos could be available to the riders if they wanted to buy a photo. I can’t sell my photos yet as I am not the paid photographer but it is always good to be on top of it for when that day comes.

This bull is named Butt Ugly. He is one of the meaner bulls I have seen. I always make sure there is a sturdy fence between him and I at all times. He did great this night making for awesome pictures.

I can’t wait to go to more rodeos and capture some more great moments. This weekend I will be photographing a rough stock school in Bozeman at Montana State University. Even though this is the rival school to the one I attend, the University of Montana, I can’t pass it up!

Stay tuned!

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