The Love Mother Nature Sends Us

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I wrote this article about four years ago and thought I’d share it with you all again!

The weather is hitting hard here in Montana so I haven’t been able to get out as much as I’d like but I love looking at old photos that remind me what season is coming up.  As many of us know you can find a lot of crazy things out in the outdoors and since it is Valentine’s Day I figured I’d share with you all the crazy love signs Mother Nature sends us!

This beautiful photo is of the Green River in Utah. In the clouds you can see the heart and in the reflection. Insta: @lanieshae


This is a photo from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This patch of snow has melted into a perfect heart for these hunters to see. Photo By: Matt Howell Insta: @muleymatt


Check out this hidden secret in the rock. This puddle formed after the snow melt in Monticello, Utah. Photo By: Jana Schoech Insta: @janajean21


You never know what you are going to find while hunting javelina, in this case the cactus was showing some love! Photo By: Mindi Luke Insta: @mindilou419


Hiking can be hard work but mother nature sends some motivational love through the rocks. Photo By: Matt Howell Insta: @muleymatt


There’s nothing quite like harvesting an antelope and seeing his heart shaped horns. Insta: @kellycohen4202


I think mother nature is telling us she loves puppies too. Insta: @jamie.dewal


This horse loves to pack out harvested game. It shows right on his forehead. Insta: @lea_huntress


These beautiful swans are creating a heart. Photo by Gretchen Steele Insta: @gretchensteele


It’s not every day you see a nice ram sending you some love from the tip of his nose. @muleymatt


Next time you head out for another adventure keep an eye out for the love Mother Nature shows us!


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